Forgive My Absence… Here’s Why!

You guys! It’s been SO LONG, I know! Are any of you still here? Hello???

Ok well here’s the deal: YES I am still doing Bikram all the time! Nearly every day! BUT… and this is the reason I haven’t been writing so much… I’m also teaching. TONS. But NOT Bikram. 

I teach vinyasa, hot vinyasa, and a class called ‘PXT’ (Pure Cross Training) that’s a crazy synthesis of hot yoga and HIIT-style bootcamp! It’s AWESOME. And intense and hard and really made for the hardcore fitness person who also likes the mind body benefits of YOGA!

Anyway, my class just got an AWESOME review on Rate Your Burn, a big-time NYC fitness blog… They anonymously take classes around the city and then write all about the class and instructor so potential new students can see and know in advance what they’re in for! And they came to MY class! I didn’t even know until the review came out! Annnd….

IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Click here and have a look! I’m so proud and so grateful that I get to make a living doing what I LOVE. 

If you’re in NYC and want to check out a class, send me a message! I can get you in ;)  Thanks for reading guys! And stay tuned… I’m planning on writing a LOT more in the near future! 


I’m Teaching FREE Classes in NYC!

That’s right! I’m going to be teaching PXT, a brand-new hot yoga / boot camp fusion fitness class, at PURE Yoga here in NYC!


And to kick it off, I’ll be doing a series of FREE classes especially for non-members of PURE! Come enjoy this AWESOME studio and take NYC’s hottest new fitness class, with ME!

First FREE class is this Saturday! March 15 at 2pm at PURE West (77th between Broadway and Amsterdam).

A little more about PXT…

PXT (Pure Cross Training) is a 60-minute total body workout that combines yoga, high intensity cardio intervals, strength training, and core work. Using free weights, gliders, a step, and a core ball, we move quickly through a series of compound exercises, working all the major muscle groups, challenging and transforming both body and mind!

The weights are heavy, the room is hot, the exercises go FAST. This thing is a challenge on ALL levels, but hey—it gets RESULTS!!! And it is SO WORTH IT.

Interested? Please join me!!! Shoot me a message, let me know you want to come, and GET READY TO SWEAT!



The Rumors Are True…

Yup, that’s right. While this blog has remained relatively quiet lately, if you’ve been following along on the facebook and the twitter (I like to say “THE facebook” and “THE twitter” just for the sake of drama), you know that a LOT has been happening. Most notably…




It IS for hot yoga though! No, not that weird Bikram-esque hot yoga that’s just a rip off of the 26 and 2 done in a hot room without the dialogue and sometimes smooshed into 60 minutes (how?!). This is a 100 hour advanced training specifically for hot power vinyasa (you know, the kind of yoga where you do Down Dogs and Up Dogs and Yoga Pushups aka ‘Chaturangas’!). And you guys, I FREAKING LOVE IT.

As you may or may not know, I did my 200 hour vinyasa TT in fall of 2008, and taught pretty regularly for the two years immediately following. Then I took a bit of a hiatus. And spent lots of time, as they say, “doing the work”. By which I  mean “getting my shit straightened out”.

LOTS of things happened. Particularly in the last year and a half. 

I lost my vinyasa practice, I found a Bikram practice, I found a hot power vinyasa practice, I found some spirituality along the way, I hung out in the rainforest with a shaman, spent a week in the desert, swam with sea turtles, read a LOT of spiritual / new age / self-help texts and paid a LOT of attention to the phases of the moon, burned roughly two tons of sage, tried to understand Human Design (I’m a ‘Projector’?), danced a lot, and generally leapt out of my comfort zone and into a crazy new way of being where uncertainty became the norm and choosing the challenging option was the default.

It’s been pretty cool. And also really hard. I’ve learned a LOT. And grown in big ways. Which is, you know, THE POINT OF IT ALL, if you ask me.


Here I am, finally feeling ready to teach again. Ok, to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever feel REALLY ready, but let’s say I’m feeling ‘ready to explore the option’ at least.

I stumbled onto this training almost by accident…

I didn’t know either of the teachers leading it, and had really only heard of the studio and taken a couple of workshops there. But… I don’t know how to explain it… it just felt RIGHT. It was a totally feeling-based (definitely not reason-based!) decision that a year or two or three ago I would NEVER have made.

So I guess THAT’S progress right there, being able to trust my intuition and go with my gut feeling? Knowing that there are no mistakes and that the universe is constantly re-calibrating based on my choices and will present me with exactly the right thing at exactly the right time? Having faith in divine time and knowing ALL is in perfect order? Eh?


Point is, my intuition was right. This is the BEST thing I could ever have done. The teacher / mentors are AMAZING, the program is fantastic, and even though the looooong hours are killing me a little and making me sleep-deprived to the point where I cry for no reason, it’s all SO SO WORTH IT and I love it SO MUCH!

I’m being challenged in exactly the ways I need to be, pushed and supported where I need to be. I’ve found some awesome people who are not only great teachers but great PEOPLE (important!). And I’ve discovered that I really REALLY love teaching.

While I have a couple of years of teaching experience under my belt, I’m being pushed now to take it to the next level, to share more of myself, to bring not only knowledge but my own authentic voice to the table, errr.. hot room.

It’s a bit of an internal street fight. As Brene Brown said: “Vulnerability pushed and I pushed back!” (SO much pushing!!!) But I’m working at it! And if nothing else, I’m growing. Little bits, all the time! And for that alone, this was the BEST thing I ever could have done!

The training is about halfway through. We have two weeks to go. How will it all turn out? WHO KNOWS. But I will leave you with this… which I learned through little over a year of HARD HARD inner work:

We are not here to be perfect. We are not here to achieve. We are here, in these human bodies, merely to have experiences. We’re here to make huge, horrible, beautiful messes. And we’re here to FEEL. To feel EVERYTHING: joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, fear, loathing, ecstasy, anger, and everything in between, in the most human way possible. Because to be able to feel so much lets us know we’re alive. And what an amazing GIFT that is!


Hey you guys! This is awesome! And I’m doing it! And you should too!

What is it?! Well, it’s an opportunity—challenge, really—to find joy, happiness, and a little magic within the mundane of the everyday!

What do you do?! First, click the link above to sign up. Oh yes this is a real thing, not something I just made up. Then find something that makes you happy! Take a picture of it! Post it somewhere with the hashtag #100happydays ! Repeat for the next 99 days! THAT’S IT!!!

I love this idea on so many levels… We’re so accustomed to looking for problems, things that make us stressed, angry, or sad. It’s become so easy to see the negative. This challenge offers us the chance to create a new habit, a new paradigm for living, where we actively seek out what makes us HAPPY every single day! By the end of the 100 days, I’m willing to bet we’ll all be re-programmed to search for JOY! And because we’re searching for it, we’re bound to find it!

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is your YOGA IN ACTION!!!

Here’s the thing: we see what we want to see. If I’m convinced I’ll see stress, anger, irritation, and pain, YUP, I will see that. But if I switch gears and convince myself that I’ll see JOY, the universe will show me joy. That’s how it works! So for this next 100 days let’s ALL commit to seeking out JOY!

I’ll be posting my pics on instagram, @aoc_in_nyc ! Follow along if  you like! And let me know you’re in on the fun so I can follow you too! Let’s SPREAD THE HAPPY!

Where’s My Kool-Aid?

It’s a crowded Bikram class, just about to begin. The teacher steps onto the podium to give the welcome spiel to the two brand new students in the back.

Teacher: Mary, Jennifer, welcome to Bikram yoga. Let me take a moment to address a few things you might have heard about us… YES, we are a cult.



Seriously you guys, every day I grow more and more certain that New York City has the best, most incredibly candid, authentically honest, not to mention hilarious and non-self serious teachers of any place on the planet. And I absolutely freaking LOVE it. 

But SERIOUSLY, if this is a cult, someone bring me my Kool-Aid. It’s hot and I’m getting thirsty in here!


At The Ballet, I Mean Bikram The Other Night…

We’re doing the second set of Standing Bow and I’m kick kick kicking my life away…

Teacher: ALISON!!! Stop turning out, you look like Swan Lake!

Ok so at first I was like ‘OH CRAP I better turn my hip down!’

But then… I mean I know it wasn’t a compliment but…

I was still weirdly pleased.

I mean, after ALL those years of ballet, working, suffering, starving ( ok not really), TRYING to look like Swan Lake, and I could never really do it! But finally, NOW, at this most inappropriate time 15 years later, I DID IT YOU GUYS! Success!!!

No wait, actually, FAILURE.

But whatever… I’ll take it! Better late (and at the absolute worst possible time) than never, right?! I’LL TAKE IT!!! If you need me I’ll be lacing up my pointe shoes and working my fouettes. Now somebody hand me my tutu…

(Swan Lake version of Standing Bow. SO PRETTY!!!)


It’s always good to invoke Ganesh, remover of obstacles, at a time of new beginnings. With the new moon and new year upon us, I can’t think of a more auspicious time. 
Happy New Year. Wishing you all a blessed, joyful, abundant, magical, love and miracle filled 2014.

It’s always good to invoke Ganesh, remover of obstacles, at a time of new beginnings. With the new moon and new year upon us, I can’t think of a more auspicious time. 

Happy New Year. Wishing you all a blessed, joyful, abundant, magical, love and miracle filled 2014.

(Source: alisonoconnor)

New year, new moon… Aligning with intention and clearing the space. Grateful for ALL that has been, eyes and heart wide open for ALL that is to come. LOVE. #2014 

New year, new moon… Aligning with intention and clearing the space. Grateful for ALL that has been, eyes and heart wide open for ALL that is to come. LOVE. #2014 

(Source: alisonoconnor)

I’ve never been much on New Year’s resolutions, but this year I do have ONE… and this is it! Inspired by the impending New Year, and the message in a necklace I saw at a boutique in Nashville last week, I wrote this little piece that Elephant Journal was kind enough to publish. Please read, enjoy, and share if you like. Sending love, light, and blessings to you all for a magical, miracle filled new year. ONE LOVE. 

Yoga, Finding Your Truth, Peace & Beauty” with Kino MacGregor.

I love the message in this… Yoga as a vehicle for defining and developing a sense of personal integrity, and a means of creating beauty in every moment. LOVE <3