The Perks Of Apartment Living

There’s a lot of AWESOME about my new apartment. Well, by “new” I mean I moved in a little over three months ago. But in the grand scheme, that’s still new right? (Yes.) First, it’s actually the whole second floor of a HOUSE, so it’s not really technically an APARTMENT at all. Second, it’s in Astoria, where anything you could possibly want to buy costs 10%-50% less than in Manhattan. Third, it has a radiator!

And why is that exciting? Because a radiator is AWESOME for drying your yoga mat!

And it’s the BEST for drying your freshly hand-washed yoga clothes!

Ok yeah, I guess the BEST would be a dryer, but come ON. To have a washer/dryer IN your apartment in NYC you would have to make at least $928356299 per year! And guys, I don’t mean to shock you, but I DO NOT MAKE THAT MUCH.

One day maybe I will…WHO KNOWS! But until then, this radiator is pretty awesome.