Bikram Yoga Dictionary: “Bartending”


'bar-tend-ing: The act of mixing and transferring water and/or other electrolyte beverages between or amongst a number of bottles during a Bikram yoga class. Usually performed in order to achieve the ideal balance of ice to liquids in each bottle, thus keeping as much liquid as possible as cold as possible for as long as possible.

"After a grueling standing series, the class finally settled onto their mats for a brief Savasana before the floor series. All except Carol, who knelt frantically at the top of her mat as she opened a bottle of Vitamin Water and began to pour it shakily over the slivers of ice that remained in her regular water bottle.

'CAROL!' the teacher called across the room, 'Quit your bartending and get into Savasana!’

Stunned, Carol’s hand slipped and she knocked over the bottle, spilling Vitamin Water and shards of ice all over the floor and her mat.”

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